It Aint Easy Being Indian – May 2024

photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

When I write that I’ve been through a lot recently, believe me. I don’t want to share just now what happened because of humiliation, embarrassment and because most of you may say, “Oh, that happens to everyone, don’t sweat it.” But there are others who would have a good laugh and I ain’t ready for that. Then yooz would have stories on me. So, a big NOPE!

Truth be told, I hold myself to high standards and when I’m confronted with reality, woe is me. It’s this getting older trauma that is affecting me right now, some things I just was not prepared for. It’s like, I’m still me but my body is in decline and it really sucks. I think of my Gramma Rose who said to me, “don’t ever get old my Girl” and now I understand what she meant by that.

Here it is my birthday month (May 26). Yes, I am a Gemini and probably have everything coming to me that I deserve, but why all at once? It’s not like I’ve ever had it easy; being born a brown girl (hence the title of my column) but I’m really being tested. I have diabetes, cataracts, a broken tooth (that must come out surgically), lactose intolerance, and have had 13+ surgeries. Plus I also have depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Too much information? My bad. I reiterate that I am grateful for having so much fun when I could, when physical activities did not cause me pain. I know, I know! Wah, wah, wah, poor old Ricey, ennit? I pray to Creator every day and know I am blessed and show my gratitude.

For some reason this came to me for those of you who are in jail, prison or in the prison of your own mind – that there will be a day when you will sort it all out and be well. Get you a therapist, to start. Kudos and a deep appreciation for those who are all about helping those of us who seek it. I send yooz hugs.

Chii miigwech (a big Thank You in Ojibwe) for reading this if you got this far. I usually like to keep my miseries in check but I couldn’t help but dump on yooz who, like myself, experience the mockeries and ironies of our lives. There are times I wonder, “did that really happen?” and sadly or badly or hilarious, it did.

Meanwhile, life goes on around me in my wigwam. Just the other night the Fuzz beamed a light into my home and I had to speculate, “what did I do now”? It dawned on me that I rarely go outside so it was cool and I knew I did not commit any crimes except for being so sweet and kind. Ayyyy!!!! Had yooz going there for a minute, hah?

Also, there were paranormal incidents going on in my home and outside. I asked my son to use salt and asema (tobacco) around the perimeter of my house and yard, and the presences have left me be.

I dunno if I ever shared the story of Sasquatch being all nosey? I had shoulder surgery and was sleeping opposite of the head board when I smelled the most foul, rancid stench ever. I was also using a wheelchair and initially thought that one of my Rez doggos had yakked up. With my head under the quilt to block out the nasty odor I decided to check it out in the morning. Nothing!!! No piles of puke or poop or anything like it. Of course I was puzzled but only one thing came to mind. It must have been Sasquatch coming to check on me.

I remember articles and stories of their very vile odor so I concluded that must be the reason. No, I wasn’t frightened because they are spiritual beings and as far as I understand, mean humanity no harm. It is we who are their homelands. Look it up.

I really don’t like to tease but this is for my niece Stephanie Ulrich. Many years ago there was about a four-foot diameter in my backyard, which is now grown over. On a bright June day I woke with the thought, “there is something out there for me”. I did not go to look right away but when I did I remembered that my services were no longer needed, meaning the ‘Aliens’ had no more use for me. I was all used up for their research.

I asked them to leave me a small token so I knew what I have experienced my entire life was real. They complied and I have a witness. No pictures though not thinking of it at the time. Aliens as we name them have a sense of humor. Who knew?

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