It Ain’t Easy Being Indian – January 2022

photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

Here we go again, hey-ho, hey-ho! This year I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions to fail at, so I should be fine and not disappoint myself and others. Much easier this way, yanno? Way too much pressure and besides, I’m already good. Well, I don’t have much of a choice, even if I did feel like acting up. The past three years have been a lot and I’m still recovering.

We have all been living a nightmare with the Covid-19 pandemic still raging on and increasing personal issues, ennit? I have wanted to pout, sticking my big ole lip out because I’m so frustrated and feel helpless. Truth is, I have nothing to be mad about at home except that it is still in disarray. I do get mad at some people’s actions or lack thereof (GET THE VAX!) so we can all resume some sort of normalcy in our lives.

Thinking about that, I don’t remember the last time I left my house. I think it was to get fresh groceries. That must be the last time I ‘left the reservation.’ Now with coronavirus restrictions in place everyone knows what it’s like to be Indian. It is a fact that in the past Indigenous people were forced to stay within reservation boundaries or risk being jailed or killed.

Which brings me to the pink people. Oh, ya, I’m going there yo! That the anti-vaxxers are sick and dying does not concern me one bit. They still had a chance. No, it’s the effect of transmitting a proven deadly virus on to others that infuriates me. I have some people near and dear to me who are immuno-compromised and I am diabetic, so I have that going on. I just don’t understand the ignorant and callous objections, then I remember, “Oh ya! The Republicans and the internet!” So many formerly deadly diseases have been eradicated due to science. We are living in a time of insanity, the apex of what will be the end of our species. I’m cool with that. Re-set.

And then there is global warming! Ayy!!! Naw, I’m not going there right now: my rant is over, whew! Look, I had to get this out or lose what’s left of my mind. I mean, I can’t even take to the streets like the rest of you who care about our grandchildren’s future. I am cheering you all on and with you every step of the way in spirit. I am grateful for good people.

Me and my Gramma Rose used to complain about some stuff but we always ended on a good note: Be grateful for what you have. We looked at each other and smiled. I can still see her bright, loving eyes and am comforted. She is still with me and I hope she partook of the spirit dish I left out for Solstice. It’s still out there. I really need to refresh it.

The menu wasn’t much but it’s all I had at the time. Leftover frozen pizza, pieces of a biscuit, manoomin (wild rice is a must) and a Godiva chocolate with salted moon water. So ya, I need to make some mac soup for the spirits to keep coming around. Pretty sure they appreciated the gesture though.

I’m sending a shout-out to my Indigenous family who are or have been incarcerated. My son told me y’all read my column and I love it! My bad for not saying “Boozhoo” before this. It’s as though I write this column like it’s all about me! Nay! While I have never done hard time, it’s only because I ain’t been caught. For those of you in Minneapolis, I was ‘under the clock’ twice; first for domestic while defending myself and then for probable cause, which was a sham.

Short story, I am innocent and when I went to sue the city the record of my arrest for PC was non-existent as though it never took place. I have anxiety and PTSD from the horrific experience. I’ve never felt so de-humanized as I did then. I am sorry for your current situation. I know how things can go sideways. So now, for Auntie Ricey behave!!! I love communicating but I’m not able to reply any longer. Just know I got you in my heart.

So back to me. Ayy! My appearance has deteriorated to the point that I scare myself in the mirror. I have become a Hag who doesn’t care who she frightens, but no one comes over anyway so I spose that ain’t a thing. The only people who know I’m still breathing are the mailgirl and Gruel on Fuel.

But yanno what? I will get through this too, and I clean up good, too. I won’t even recognize me!

I do see your good hearts and that is what keeps me here. Miigwech.