It Aint Easy Being Indian – January 2024

photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

Again with another story, ay? Some of you may have read how my nephew Jerone and my son Steve (who were both little guys at the time, ages 7 and 4) and their Gami and I made it to Lake Winnibegosh amidst heavy July traffic to a cabin there. At every intersection or stop (or anytime we weren’t in a ditch), Jerone said, “Well, we made it this far.” *Spoiler!* We did make it there and back to the city, so all was well. That, my Love is how I can sum up this past year.

But back to the story: The two little boys discussed how they would push the car out of the ditch and save two feeble women who would be weeping and cheering them on at the same time. They both grew up to be fine men who know what is expected of Indigenous men, like when they stand around and shout advice to the one who is actually fixing the vehicle so they can all pile in the car/truck to town to purchase more refreshments.
C’mon now! Yooz all understand what I mean.

The Saturday before Christmas 2023 I actually got out of my house. It’s been quite awhile – so much so that I don’t exactly recall when I did last go outside. I got an unexpected check from an admirer and so I was all rich for a day…well for a few hours anyway. We went to the Risky Raccoon Casino & Last Resort to eat brunch. I wasted money on myself as I could not pile up the hot dishes I wanted to eat and didn’t even finish my dessert, which was caramel roll with a side of some kinda slurry wannabe ice cream. My bad.

I would have at least brought baggies with me but I did not know we would end up there. It would have been a fun game of “what the deet-dee-dadeet is this” afterwards.
Well, since my back and legs can’t go too far I got a wheelchair, courtesy of the establishment I set off for my favorite slot game. NO! I’m not gonna tell yooz which one but I did spend $60 and cashed out $300. So, I won. Walked outta there with my chins held high and chuckling. A rare experience.

Oh! When I first got there, a Rezberry woman said hi to me and I do not know who she is. Then I remembered that I was wearing my last out of date eyeglasses that are fixed with Duck Tape on the right side. I laughed and laughed! Tryna (not that day) be all siddity and fierce? Then I did not give a noodle, it was MY day and it was a fun one. Chii miigwetch for the gift, you know who you are. I feel so good and appreciated. *blushing* Some Bunnies love me. M’Wah!!! I love you back!

Since it is January 2024 (!!!!!!!) I have to pretend I made some New Year’s resolutions. Ya. But for real I did chastise myself for not taking care of moi. Oh, I’m able to get around my wigwam but the pain is getting worse. I’ve already had two spinal fusions and my sciatica is on high. So, I will drag my carcass to the clinic for what I feel is inevitable surgery, again.

I know! I KNOW!!! I do have many more actions to take to better my health but I am a infamous serial procrastinator. So…next on my list is to clean my bedroom. Stop laughing. I’ll just say if I did fall down in there it would be a soft landing. I’ve always loved clothes, shoes and just fashion in general. Now? I have succumbed to the unspoken etiquette of the late 70’s, early 1980’s here in Rezberry and surrounding areas. (Read T-Shirts and jeans. Ick).

Ya, ennit? I just now deleted a rant that happened before I topped my dome piece with my purple witch hat. Ima post a photo when I can, just so you know who you are dealing with. Not a threat, no, but I still have access to the Moccasin Network should I need to go there. Bwah Hah Hah…

Ayyyy!!! Not even. I am in the thoughtful place where I need to write it. Nothing barred yo! I have no intention of ‘outing’ anyone. I want to write about my childhood and now (whatever this is). So many stories have been given to me, I will share a snippet.Our Mom’s had a house party. As the eldest child there (maybe 10) I noticed that the adults peed a lot. So I Scrooge McDucked and charged the partiers .50 to use the toilet, which was at the time big money for the penny candy store!
Want more? Email or call, either way I want to know.