It Ain’t Easy Being Indian – March 2022

photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

What in the bison snorts and loon shrieking is going on now? I’m rather puzzled going into WWlll without knowing how to navigate it. When it comes down to it, I am only useful as a doorstop, but I will do it with pride. We all have our parts to do to defend what is known as democracy.

My Ancestors already figured out how this can be accomplished: Let the Women Lead. And back then, they did. The males are all like, “Did you just look at me funny?” and then conflict ensues, usually ending up with the Rezberry Riders who show up only to cuff up their first cousin. Good times…good times.

Well, I am still soaking up global news even though I cut off my satellite service. Online, I can always get depressed anyway with political slurry. I wanted to be a Buddhist nun before I even understood anything. I like praying. So I told that to my last supervisor (he despises me) and he laughed and laughed.

No, I did not take offense because had I said that to my younger self I would have scoffed, too. Prolly would have laughed harder than he did. Writing this is touchy for me to share. My life has been a bacchanalia of earthly pleasures and I celebrate all of it. I really miss dancing at the clubs, hair flying, high heels and music. At least I had that before my shut-in existence to look back on and smile (or cringe) at. O Mani Pad Me Hum!

My nom de plume is “Ricey Wild” for a reason, just not a season. The odd thing is I share my world in public print but I’m still a private person. Gemini much? This is not the first time the paradox has occurred to me. Actually it took me a while to comprehend that my existence, which is questionable, means anything?

Welp! Here I am in my own little spot in Rezberry trying to figure out the entire world’s problems. LOL! Not in this lifetime! First of all, no one asked me. So I say be spiritual like His Holiness the Great XIV Dalai Lama who said no one needs religion, just be kind and loving. Hugs & Love Y’all!

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia brought up some unhealed blood trauma, visions of what was wrought upon Indigenous people around the world. All the evil of genocide, colonization and barely surviving it. You know the horrors. I feel for the citizens of Ukraine but they are standing united. The children who are fleeing while men ages 18-60 are staying to fight. Yes, I pray for them all.

Well, it took me a few days into the conflict to realize that these are white people killing white people! Now, if I was an awful person I would say, “Who cares?” White on white crime, ennit? Despite what some may say, I’m not a jerk. I have white friends and they’re okay. Ayy!!! I had to get that in here.

One Native person who passes for white said I was a racist. I was all like, MOI??? Hahahhahahhaaaa!!!!! He’s ignorant, poor fella, but he still takes the per-cap the tribe sends out. Hypocritical and clueless. To emphasize: The oppressed cannot be racists or the aggressors because the colonists rule the world as it is now.

Really think about it. Just recently in Canada a motley crew of pink belligerent truckers took over Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates. Did the military come in to disperse them or jail them in dog kennels? Did the police spray them with mace or other chemical agents and dogs? Nope.

Yet in 2016 U.S. military and police, along with private companies with attack dogs, tried to evict peaceful, unarmed protesters who stood for clean water in Standing Rock, North Dakota. One may ask, what were the skin tones of the people who came from all over the globe? It was everyone, all skin colors, who knew how dire the threat was of DAPL spilling and poisoning water that millions, not just the Indigenous population, depends upon. And for what? Money.

I’m talking about natural resources. Pootin can jaw all he wants about restoring the former Soviet Union but the real deal is the land and what may be under it. Gads, I’m sick of old white men and their unending greed. What y’all gonna do with all the stolen riches you acquired? Live forever?! Hah!

Are there going to be any powwows this year? I’m really looking forward to seeing brown faces and greezy smiles at the Indian Taco stand.

I am so very lonesome for all of you and am anxiously waiting for the moment we can hug again. And dance and sing and laugh.