It Ain’t Easy Being Indian – March 2023

photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

Recently, in my self-isolation and health limitations, I have come to miss some people in my life, but I will never tell them, nuh-ah! I think I want more to talk to them about all the crazy times and adventures we had together. When certain memories come to mind or I need to laugh, I do. Some are so clear like it happened yesterday. Then I say to myself, “Self, did that really happen?” It did and I keep the good memories in a treasure chest.

The bad times are locked away in a different compartment and that’s why I’ve been in therapy for 30 years. There are real monsters, human ones, in this world. Unfortunately, I had more than my share of dreadful experiences directly due to them and I resent it greatly. Of course, I am completely exonerated of any responsibility for those situations Your Honor! No court in the world could convict me. Well…Shhhh!!!

What I have done in my years here is on a need to know…ya, well you get the gist. The most awful thoughts that really get to me are missed or lost opportunities. Those I take to heart and so sad I didn’t do that, this or the other thing. Now I’m still on YouTube trying to keep my remaining experience, well in this life, by watching spiritual, self-help videos. Hehe! Hey, gimme a fist bump, I am trying to do my best, yo!

The world we all live in now is even nuttier post-pandemic and a lot of us are still sorting out the fallout. Oops! Bad word but yanno what I mean. I send alla yooz love and hugs, we all need it. Lucky for me I have my Fuzz-Butts for love and comfort in a warm home with a few family members and friends who still sorta put up with me and my eccentric ways. Miigwech niijiiwag! (Thank you friends).

It will be 25 years writing this column now and I hope to make it to that point this coming November, if my beleaguered editor lets me get that far. It’s just that unforeseen things happen and it takes my mind away from deadlines. I for sure need to write about Moosie, my fictional-romance-gorgeous-Indian-guy who only comes to the Rez when one of his many kids hit 18-years-old so he can get some money off them, only to make a few more. Moosie is a knockin’ on my door, I feel his presence.

Since I’m so ancient, I want to share a few stories with yooz that I wrote about in past columns, plus a few more. Plus I wanna write about how I, and I alone, can save the Earth and its occupants (minus the too many who are attacking our Mother Earth, Aki) who have my blessings to blast off to Mars. Just get them outta here, ignorant, hateful, greedy monsters that they are. If yooz don’t follow the current news I applaud you. I’m still tryna wean myself off by watching anything else but.

Up here in Rezberry we did not get hit with the ‘Historical Winter Storm’ last month. Instead it hit below us and there was even a blizzard in California that had me suppressing giggles at their collective, entitled astonishment – that they of all inhabitants should be so inconvenienced. Now listen! I don’t want anyone to suffer or die because of climate change (every sentient being) but my hope is ‘they’ will get a clue about how dire our situation is. Yay, thanks MAGA nuts! It’s not all about you.

Spring is around the next big rock you see, go to the left and then over the river and behind a stand of trees. It is still playing with us and makes snuffly chuckles. So rude! During March Madness there is always a major snowstorm in Minnesota, so we still have it coming. But we know that we’ve made it through the roughest parts and the ice and snow will melt away. Take that you Southerners! Buncha wimps you are.

When warmer weather does get this far up north I vow to sit outside and visit with the pines and birch that surround my home. My friends the hummingbirds and other critters will come out of their winter lairs, so I must too. I look forward to that so I can get a bit of sun because I’m so pale now, I could pass for a light-skin Indian. Nayyy!!! Not even!
To say I’ve been through a lot in a short amount of time is putting it lightly, but I persist. How and why is the great question of all time. I’ll just have to see what happens next. It’s always something, ennit?

I am so done with being an inaction star. I gotta DO something!