It Ain’t Easy Being Indian – May 2022

photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

To pick up where I left off last month, I was interviewed by Indian Country via ZOOM. In my estimation it was a success! I did not snot, snort, burp, cry or boogit (fart). Nor did my Fuzz-butt dogs get in the way, except for barking from the bathroom where I stashed them. And just moments before the event Purrince was all over me, and then he decided to go take a nap. Whew!

What I did not know is that this news segment was about celebrating Women’s History Month. Here I was featured with so many accomplished Indigenous women who are phenomenal! They have all distinguished titles and then there was me, a sassy, loud mouth Kwe (female) with lot’s to say, still. When I looked at it I had to laugh. My response was spontaneous. I am far from done yet, squashing colonial lies and capitalism. For a start.

Anyhoo, my friend Anneh and I have some devious machinations and schemes that we are collaborating on. Shh!!! That’s all I am saying for now. No one, I mean no one can stop us. We both know people who know people, yo. We may be older but age has only made us bolder. Also, no one shall be spared. Bwahahaha!

Well, that’s all I got to make me get out of bed in the morning, other than my Fuzz-butts and a frantic need to pee. I know y’all have had those dreams, kinda terrifying, ennit? They are nightmares actually…okay done with this subject now. I just wanted to share it with all my pre-senior discount friends. I get it now. My Gramma Rose told me to never get old, but here I am repping. Owa!!!

Yanno, I have never gone to sleep wondering just how Indigenous I was that day? All I really do is ask myself is: “Ohh! Who was a Good Girl today?!” I just shrug and try to shut things down. Then in the morning I don’t wake up thinking that because I am an Indigenous woman, I am less. No. Not at all.

You see, going around every day being indigeous takes a toll on one’s mental, emotional and physical being, especially the spiritual. WE as a people are not even supposed to be living in this time and space. I’m smiling just big right now. The fact is that WE ARE is an active, living, sacred gift from our ancestors.

Their sacrifices have not been wasted. My aim is to not disappoint them but…well, still working on that. Hey look now, we got this far, ennit? I see and follow so many Indigenous people who are out there repping! These amazing people are keeping the cultures alive. With all their talents too much to cite here, but they are not hard to find. Just be sure if you purchase any item it’s genuinely Indigenous-made. Fur real.

I had a virtual health visit with my provider the other day. She asked me how I was doing and then the levee’s broke. I felt like I was a first mistake pancake with awful, sticky stuff piled on top of me so I felt like I drowned in syrup. Gah! Long sigh. Long tunnel with a light at the end, yanno? Promises, promises.

Now where was I going with this?! Oh right! My medications were adjusted, I did not have to go outside and worry I would break another one of my Styrofoam bones. How cool is that?! I mean I love technology but for some of us it is a life-saber. (LOL!)

Anyways, since the Fuzz-butts are not battling so much any more I still read the news, and it never fails to depress me how humans are so awful. Some people are grandiose, puppets of whose who have explicit sexual and criminal tape on them. Ya, whatever, this is my opinion.

So anyhoo, whilst I nest in my nest I will be watching but only because I can’t not. Calling out you people who have never voted because you don’t think it applies to you, personally, or your family. That is oppression. Canceling your vote if you do vote is suppression. Think about it. How do you want your kids to grow up?

Just to reiterate, old people are groovy too. Oh wait! Did I not say that yet?! Being old, I forgot to send a Happy Purrday 60th Purrday to my old friend Angela Kapp.

And, I will be 60 on May 26 this Year of the Tiger. And here I don’t look a day over 59! I am not sorry I’ve lived this long, I’m just astonished. How this came to be I dunno. I spose I’ll have to post a new picture for my byline.