It Aint Easy Being Indian – November 2022

photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

Happy Native American Heritage Month! I celebrate all of you for many reasons, your just being here in the now is one of them. I see the courage, the steadfastness, the spirituality, families and all the cuzzins and our humor which no one and nothing could take from us. ‘They’, the colonists, tried to disappear us and were defeated. We are still here in the lands Creator made for The Original Peoples to protect and thrive in.

There are events scheduled at the Risky Raccoon & Kasino all month long. Last year, I attended a fashion show that had only Indigenous designers and the most beautiful models taking command of the runway. This year it will be the evolution of the jingle dress that I’m excited to see. There are different stories about how it came to be but all agree on one thing: it is a healing dress.

Many years ago, I was looking at pictures online of The Gathering of Nations in New Mexico. I noticed immediately that some dancers were wearing the traditional Anishinaabe jingle dress and was puzzled. Native regalia changes with the times but this was different. So, across Indian Country there are women and girls dancing and making a shhk-shhk noise in lovely garb. Then I remembered. It is a sacred healing dress that is all over the nation now. That gives me the feels real hard and I’m proud of and honor all who dance in this dress.

BTW, they are very heavy and I would probably collapse in the sun and everyone would be aghast. Besides, I can barely walk without pain in every step, so I will leave it to my sisters to represent. They all do it well and demonstrate the utmost respect in choosing to wear a jingle dress. To them: Chii miigwech (Thank you very much in Ojibwe).

Since I don’t have satellite TV anymore I watch YouTube every day and find some interesting topics that I obsess over, like videos of paranormal activity that people saw in their homes. No, not because last month was spooky month. I am really astonished at the so-called teams of investigators that deliberately go to known haunted buildings and then get all skeert and run away when they experience the ga-ga’s. *eye roll* Who does that? Leave them haunts and cryptids alone!

I’ve had a few paranormal experiences that I will try to share sometime. For the record I have smelt Sasquatch in my backyard and I believe that alien life has been visiting us for time immemorial. It is true because the Ancestors told us that we come from the stars and were put here by the Creator. Read.

I also watch cooking shows and get mad right away because the first ingredient is always onions. AH hates them! That after saying the recipe is soo easy but with 36 ingredients. Politics of course (We are all doomed!) and Cat /kitten videos are my favorite when I’m down and need a laugh.

Well, I announce here that I finally have my black kitten. His name is Bootsy Collins in sync with my other cats; Purrince, Lenny Katvitz, Tom Petty and now Bootsy, all for my favorite musicians. Bootsy has that aura of confidence and funkiness that I’m sure his namesake would appreciate. The last time I saw George Clinton and Parliament was in 2015 at the Cabooze in Minneapolis. At the end of the concert I was near the stage when the entire band circled and I, being an unabashed fan, held my arms up while screaming my love. Bootsy saw me and held out his hand to help me up onstage! I took his hand knowing I could not make it so on impulse I licked the top of it. He just laughed and danced off. I wonder if he remembers that or not? Hehe.

Bootsy Collins Shotley the Kitten has made my days so much better. He isn’t afraid of anything nor is he intimidated by the older cats. He made this house His home the moment he landed. Like, I hollered at Purrince for picking on Lenny, Bootsy saw this and ran after Purrince to swat him for making Mom mad. Sweet, sweet and tuff baby cat!

This time of year is always hard because I suffer Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which adds to my depression and other assorted ailments. Sheez!!! Cut me a break willya? I cope as best I can and talk to my therapist, and take my meds like a good girl.

There are the holidays coming up and I do not celebrate them at all. Turkey Day is a bloody lie, and Christmas is a Christian fable made up of former pagan ceremonies.
Decolonize your mind. Yes, do spread love and cheer but do it every day.