It Aint Easy Being Indian – November 2023

photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

Last month I missed y’all for Spooky time and I apologize. My laptop fuzzed out and I had no “O” on the keyboard, and then other keys stood in solidarity with that peculiar vowel. It was so tired of my…mess. So I stole some other people’s apples, pumpkins and corn when I could get away with it and started selling them for a newer ‘puter. I so love yooz and will attempt to keep space for you.

My lovely niece sent me a purple witch hat just like hers. Miigwech Stephanie, you fine witcheroo! I still have to post a profile picture of me wearing mine, also purple, so people can see the cute witch, not the one with zits and…well. I don’t have warts as yet but the time is nigh. Life is strange. Keeps me around to see the next episode, ennit?

Life as a Hermit has not gone as well as I thought it would be. It turns out, I do appreciate human interaction, as I go to Wal-Fart and snidely judge the other shoppers whilst I’m looking through the Plus-Size clearance clothes. If I may say, I can wear cheap rags and make it look like Pee-Wee DeVille Fashion Week. Ask anyone who knows my style and charisma. Hollah!

There had been a glass jar of sauerkraut that had been in my scanty cupboard for about a year. So I decided to party like it’s 1583 in Germany and fried it in butter until it got brown and then quaffed it down with a beer. Old style European stuff, yanno?! It was Dee-Burpuss. So I ordered another can from Wal-Butkiss so I could examine the difference between canned or jarred. This may take a while. I’m cold like that.

The drama never ends in this domicile. I love my pets. I live with two puppy-wuppies and three gorgeous fuzz-butt felines. I’m much more dramatic and needy than they are, except when I run out of treats mutiny will occur. We understand one another, especially since I’m the only one tall enough and have thumbs to get their subsidence for them. They take good care of me when I’m ill, like now. I get the best cuddles and attention. I need them more than they need me. Shhhh!!!

I took an at-home COVID-19 test and it shows I’m negative thus far, so there is that. For solace, I’ma eat some ramen with jalapenos added to that fine dish! *eye roll* Yum. What I really want is Buffalo wings to clear up my sinuses and quell the coughing. Now I sound like an old mindimooye (old woman) talking about her aches and pains so that the entire bus hears all about it. My badness! And my apologies to those who are older and suffer.
So the other night I heard very loud gunshots near my home. I was dog-sitting and he and my two little foofy dogs were all startled and woofing away. I had been in bed already, not bothered at all since I knew I would hear something about it the next day. Word travels quick here in Rezberry no matter what stuff happens. When I left the Big City I thought such shenanigans would be in the past. Nope! Same old things, different locations. I now troll the county web page to see who’s in or out.

When I was a kid I found about the American Indian Movement and benefitted directly from their activism, such as learning Anishinabemowin, our Algonquin language and Indigenous culture. I cried when I was exposed to the history of Turtle Island, but as horrific and tragic it is we are still here. Our Creator put us here and here we shall stay. I carry that trauma in my DNA and when I’m down and disgusted by western European violence I remember just who I am and descended from.

That brings me to the war in the Middle East and the effect on what happened to the Palestinians whose land was stolen. I feel their pain and the seizure of their homelands. Hey! Wait now, stay with me please. First off this is my opinion and no one else’s but mine. What angers me is not the Israelis but the governments who take innocent human lives, but not for religion. It’s all about power, land and the resources to maintain their agendas.

I know, I know! I do not want to stick my nose in it but I feel I will not be the person I am if I don’t say anything. Humanity, empathy and compassion are needed right now en masse. I like to say there are more of us who are sensitive to other situations and knowledge that it does not have to continue this way.

One Love.