It Aint Easy Being Indian – September 2023

photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

Mercury retrograde is in full effect until the 15th of this month. I have experienced it many times now, with my debit card not working, to people flying off the handle in emotional pain. Most people who don’t follow astrology will scoff at this, but think about it! Write events down and you may ‘get it’; the patterns I mean. Don’t take this lightly is all I am saying. Stay sane. For me and all who love you.

I don’t know if yooz read your daily/monthly… horrorscopes. The stars and their alignment have been scientifically calculated by most ancient peoples since time immemorial. Think of the Old Ones, they knew how to interpret the galaxy, like the Mayan Empire did and they, as far as is known, did not have telescopes.

The most important thing to me in the news lately is that the U.S.A. of Denial are holding congressional hearings regarding the UFO/UAP ‘phenomenon. Heheheheee! Mmm, oh ya, the vehicles and their pilots have been observing and testing on humanity for millenia. My favorite theory is that we, who are sure that we are the pinnacle of civilization, apex predators are merely test bunnies of an Alien ant farm. Think of the animals who have been tortured for ‘science.’ The space brethren still do that to us.

That is us; a failed experiment for being too warlike and unreliable. There was a story about how GOD, (Christian god) made some cookies and the first batch was burnt so HE tried again. Those cookies were pale and undercooked so HE made another batch. This time they came out golden brown and were perfect! LOL! I totally bought it and l love my complexion. Now don’t get all het up about the story, but I liked it when I was a kid. Umm…still do. My people are all beautiful, spiritual and still here.

I have had many experiences with the Star Beings who are our ancestors and who still visit us. Many Indigenous creation stories begin with them putting us here on Earth. They showed us how to live with Earth and take care of our Mother amongst other teachings of how to be a true human being. That is why so many nations here on Turtle Island refer to them as “The People Who Came From the Stars”. Look it up.

Back here this twisted dimension of life is not easy for most. In Rezberry, it’s been a strange, hazy summer, maybe because of the wild fires. The sun, and therefore the heat, has not gone above 90F but that’s okay. I’ve acclimatized to cooler weather but I enjoy not having to crank about the heat like I did in Minneapolis.

But wait! Republicans have stated over and over in mindless, soulless babble that there is no climate change or global warming. If they were honest (Bwahahahaha!!! As if!) and cared about their children’s children, instead of power and money, simply by watching news they would take steps to slow the catastrophes we are currently experiencing.
Instead they have plans to mess up other planets after they throw this one out like garbage in a landfill. Good luck with that.

I tried to not mention Ol’ Pee Stain #45 but am unable to do so. My bad. But just when I didn’t think IT could be any worse, IT manages to outdo everything prior to its previous bald-headed lies and treasonous machinations. Wow. Just WOW!!! My consolation is that IT has finally been indicted for his nefarious crime spree and after trial may face jail and/or prison, where I hope IT will stay.

I’m still mad that IT will never go away in the minds of people and in history but after this I will no longer pay attention to anything IT does or says. IT has done irreparable damage that in time may change for the better. No, I am not so naive that I believe any one political party or nation has all the answers but I do feel that the generations coming up will do their collective best to save what is left of this Mother we share.

Last month I left yooz with some not-so-secretive clues about my reality. Not that I ever lied, I just wanted some anonymity regarding the stories I have shared with yooz for all these years that some of you all may have identified with. Ricey Wild is a real person, me, and I have enjoyed writing and sharing my confounding life with you.

I love to laugh but sometimes I cry too. It is all a part of the human experience that we have been born into.

I love yooz!!!