Calling All Leech Lake College Graduates!


My name is Elizabeth Sherman and I am currently conducting research on Leech Lake tribal members who are educated with a Bachelors, Masters and/or a PhD. There are four reasons why I am doing this research. They are as follows:

My first reason is because many of these tribal members are 50 and over, and some are either elders or are emerging as elders, and deserve acknowledgement, recognition and honor.  These tribal members have set a precedent in tribal history to be first generation college graduates.  They are, in fact, “trailblazers” who cleared the hard and rocky trail of “non-Indian society” for our younger generations to acquire their college education. They were, not only the first in our Tribe to acquire their college education, but they were the very first to obtain professional jobs.

My second reason for doing this is that Leech Lake history must be

written. Our tribal college graduates must not be forgotten and their

story must be told.  They deserve to be acknowledged and recognized as

part of our tribal history. I plan to compile the research and write a

book profiling these Leech Lake tribal members along with an education

tribal member profile.

My third reason for this research and writing the book is that we are

now in a new era of a “new breed of tribal elders”…  educated tribal

elders who balanced their lives living in two worlds – one of

non-tribal assimilation/acculturation and tribal society, as well as

those educated tribal elders who received their education and

identified closely with tribal life, and remained on the reservation. 

My fourth reason is that we must honor our young tribal people who have

received their higher education. Our tribal experience has shown that

tribal leadership purports to value the promotion of our youth to be

educated, but, in essence, our tribal reality has shown that our young,

educated people are not being validated and supported by tribal


I have a great interest and commitment in writing our Ojibwe history. 

I am an accomplished author regarding the history of the

Ojibwe-European fur trade.  My 122-page manuscript is called

“Aangwaamas (It’s About Time): A Research Report on the Ojibwe-European

Fur Trade Relations from an Ojibwe Perspective”  was written for the

Minnesota Historical Society and the Minnesota State Legislature in


If you are an enrolled Leech Lake band member and hold a bachelors,

masters or PhD, or you know someone, or have a family member who does,

contact Elizabeth Sherman at 218 335-4031 or e-mail me at:

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