Letter to the Editor – October 2021

Nada M. Fronk

Thank you to the community,

Another name to be added to the never-ending list of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. Nada M. Fronk (Leech Lake enrollee), daughter of Monte Fronk (Red Lake enrollee), and granddaughter of Bonnie Wallace (Fond du Lac Bank of Ojibwe).
Nada Fronk was murdered on May 26, 2021, at the age of 24. She was missing and trafficked during much of her youth. After being rescued, she found the resilience to earn her high school diploma and was making a life for herself before it tragically ended in her murder.

On behalf of Nada’s entire family, nuclear, extended and adoptive, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who so generously contributed to the GoFundME page. Our friend, Dr. Antony Stately, Director of the Native American Clinic in Minneapolis, immediately reached out to me, asking how he could help, which is always an awkward question at such a horrific time.

He said, “You’ll need money”, and took immediate action. With grace, humility, respect and love, he was able to raise enough money (almost $4000) to help with funeral expenses, which included a beautiful headstone.

It was amazing to learn of our contributors, most we knew but many were strangers as well. Know too that we cherish every card and letter received. Words are powers and healing.

A special thank you to the Augburg University community for your contributions, ongoing prayers and support. We are also extremely grateful to the Indigenous Kinship Collective and the Urban Coyote. Miigwetch to all.

– Bonnie Wallace