Northwest Indian OIC Unveils New Cultural Training


BEMIDJI, Minn. – Northwest Indian OIC

is announces Anishinaabe World View, a newly-accredited training in

Cultural Competency. The training is a result of many gatherings of

elders, teachers, critical thinkers and traditional Anishinaabe and

the voices of our members, who share their experiences and their

recommendations to make our communities, Native and non-Native,

healthier, safer and culturally-enriched places.

This course will give a general

understanding of the Anishinaabe. It will give learners a historical

framework from which to understand and articulate the Native

experience today. The outcome will be a sense of identity in the

Native learner and increased understanding for the non-Native


Participants can receive Continuing

Education Units (CEU) or three college credits from Northwest

Technical College and Bemidji State University, as well as a

certificate of completion. Registration fees for this training, as

with all our trainings, are used to support the ongoing services of

Northwest Indian OIC, a Native American-controlled community based

nonprofit organization. .