It Ain’t Easy Being Indian – April 2021

photo of ricey wild

photo of ricey wildBy Ricey Wild

Some guy named “Raccoon Eyes” posted on a Native page I follow. I looked him up and it turns out he is serious. I laughed my butt off and thought of the 80’s, when I woke with raccoon eyes but hair intact all ready to go again. Aquanet yo! I’ve been nostalgic for those days and being able to dance all night.

This ole broad right here is lucky she can get about her own home. Oh, I still chair dance and manage to shimmy and shake at times, but I pay for it later in pain. This getting older stuff sucks but I am also settling in to my physical limitations. If I need help, I ask. I call on the Ancestors and they always answer. I highly recommend them. I’ve never had to text or leave a voicemail; I pray.

My Gramma Rose was raised Catholic (not her fault) and she prayed for all her loved ones and more. Rose also put asema (tobacco) down just to make sure her prayers were heard. I respect that and am still around because of them. I just wonder why? I may never know but my very presence angers some haters and I’m okay with that. Many more love me. Hehe!

So I left the reservation twice lately and it was cool. I finally got my hair cut after I mangled it, cutting off my little braids. The stylist asked what I wanted and I replied, “a miracle”. She came through and I no longer look like a Swamp Hag, even though I still feel like one. Rawr!!! I have to keep my hair short because I’ve had four surgeries on my right arm and three on the left. Don’t talk to me about how hair is sacred, it isn’t for all nations.

Do your research. Anyhoo, I look all cute again and will be ready to snag again. LOL! It just made me laugh. My cats and dogs need a new uncle, ennit? Creator knows what a prize I am, so no scrubs need apply. Except if you get commod cheese, then we can meet. Restrictions apply. And I keep getting the ‘Over fifty’ dating ads on facebook and them guys all look too old for me. Last man I was with is 17 years younger than me. Purr!!!
Just saying. And I am kidding about snagging. I don’t have the interest, time or ability to put up with the residual B.S. that comes with the package. Mark your status as “Safe” from Ricey Wild. You are welcome. I should sell stickers that say that. I am po’ so that could be fragments of income.

I am loving on some recent news via Facebook (I know!). Three Cherokee ballerina’s are going to Russia to learn more ballet. There is a site to help sponsor them – just do a search. An Indigenous LaCrosse team wants to display their own flag for an international tournament. The Irish lacrosse team gave up their spot in thanks for the Choctaw Nation for giving their ancestors $170 even though they themselves were poor when the great potato famine hit Ireland. (An aside, they planted only one species of spud which was then hit by a fungus. For comparison there are over 4000 varieties in Peru alone.) Lesson? Diversify.

Ya, I’m done preaching for now. I do wish that every town in the U.S. had a Hyde Park speakers corner where anyone can stand on the plastic milk carton and rant and rave. I was actually there but didn’t stay; I regret that. Would have called out all the colonizers for the destruction of Indigenous People and cultures across the globe; And remind them that they are the ones who invented atomic bombs. According to some Indigenous People, the Pink Ones are the newest humans in this world. They don’t know any better. HEY!!! The stove is hot! And yet….. Yooz get the drift.

Blessed are they who know how to work the Earth, our Mother that provides for all of us. Capitalism is evil, as humans we need to get back to barter for needs and caring for the elderly, children and the well-being of the nations. That is my opinion.

I did not write my 2021 (!!!) New Year’s resolutions because I don’t have any. I’m just sort of glad and sad that I made it this far. Also, I have been dreaming that people are all mad at me and yelling in my face. I then yelled back and it felt empowering. I believe it is a sign. Ayyyy!!!!

So I’m gonna take my dreams for fact and not mince my words to anyone, especially when I hear anti-Indian hate speech. Words have power. Ima check them in their tracks and tell them to go back to Europe.

Love-n-Hugs to you all.