photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

There is some Milkweed in my front window in the yard and since the biggest ones have bloomed it’s been a daily show of gloriousness! Butterflies, bees, ants and hummingbirds have been visiting every day and I get to witness their beauty. They have given me hope when I was sure everything was going to H-E-double hockey sticks. I admit I get so depressed reading the news online and that I just can’t stop…yet. My herd of cats are also fascinated with the activity outside, and they scare the hummingbirds and the other critters off even though they are separated by a screen.

That’s when I call them the fuzzy little monsters they are. For the record all my cats are indoor critters because they had been bringing me presents like dragonflies, grasshoppers, etc. But when The RZA got a bird, that was it. Nope! No more outside for them. It’s better for all of us.

I share this visual with you because when I lived in Minneapolis, my living room window looked into an alley that had a steady parade of drunks on their trek to and from the liquor store. It wasn’t pretty, at all. I still loved living there but I didn’t know about the gorgeous wildlife and critters who are my neighbors now. When I first moved here out to Rezberry I was actually astounded to find out there are cows and horses that live down the road. Not sure what I expected but it was new to me.

As a matter of fact, when I was 3-or 4-years-old I got horses and cows mixed up and cried when I was corrected. “No! Them is horsies!” Suffice it to say fifty years later I now understand the difference. I blame my Unk’s for messing with a little girl’s mind. LOL!

Ah oh, the big city! How I miss you. I always felt like I was part of something and there was always somewhere to go and things to do. Up here I am left out as being a weird cat lady who writes stuff. So in defense, I insulate myself even more from the bizarre antics I see people up here doing – like camping and hunting and eating bleached fish. Yaaaahhhhh!!! For realz!

Oh geez. I’ve been writing about this topic on repeat and I’m sorry for that. Truth is, I would never have had my Mitzi who saved me on the worst day of my life. She’s nine years old now and is about the same age as me now, so we can age grumpily together while enjoying clean air. Take that Mpls!!!!SNIFFFFFF!!! AHHHHHH!!! Milkweed, yum!

A strange thing happened some years ago when an Elder, who is no longer here, told me on our bus ride home from work that there are “Old Ones” buried in my back yard. I KNOW!!! I was slightly creeped out by her statement, but there are things that have happened in my home and outside that startled me, but make sense now. Sure enough, there are several areas behind my home that could be graves and I know that because my former job was to help families find appropriate burial sites and I spent a lot of time in cemeteries. I know what they look and feel like.

So I have put out asema (tobacco) and other offerings for them and I get the impression that they keep me here for reasons yet unknown. Like a spiritual tractor beam, for real. What that reason is I don’t know but I do know I’m not going anywhere else permanently until I leave this physical body for good.

I’m not afraid or threatened by what comes after at all. I will, however, haunt anyone who threatens or hurts my furry family.

I watch VICELAND channel and just now a Vice Essentials piece came on, in which South Koreans seek and pay for a near-death experience! Of course, I had to watch it. If you’re interested the title is “A Good Day to Die” (I know!) It is designed to help people appreciate life. Wow.

Coincidence? I think not. I had a life, one I loved and now I have a quite different life and I’m finally ready to embrace it. I think. 😉 However, I will never, ever, ever eat lutefisk – no matter the incentive. I have standards, yanno. Sadly, our fish are already deeply contaminated.

Oh, there I go again. We live in a strange world. I can and will be writing about it from my perspective as long as I can. No, my beloved Carol J. I’m not planning on leaving just yet. I’m just waiting for that big bus from the sky to try and get me. I still got moves!