It Ain’t Easy Being Indian – February 2021

photo of ricey wild

By Ricey Wild

Well, well, well, never a dull moment, ennit? I would really enjoy some peace but not monotony. Like many around the world, I watched the January 6 insurrection on the Capitol in horror – initiated by the man who I will not name.

One thing I am grateful for is that I do not have to look at his ugly face, hear his lies or voice anymore. The sad thing is he likely won’t be charged for his crimes, because republicans are looking to his cult followers for re-election. About them: it amazes me that they are all fighting over stolen land and believe the most disgusting conspiracy theories. They not only overlook their own sick pink supremacist views but they actually think they are better than everyone who is not them.

Civilizations come and go. Here we are watching this Empirical nation crush under the weight of its own corrupt powers. Turtle Island is soaked with the blood of our Indigenous ancestors. No good will come if they refuse to acknowledge their sins against humanity.
If we are to survive as a species (not that bad of a thing, lol), everything has to change now, especially Climate change. Once humans do die off we will perhaps be dug up by extraterrestrials, or future generations of humans that somehow survived the coming apocalyptic, doomsday scenarios. Purges have happened before, the Great Flood is something that many cultures have shared in history.

There is not one shred of respect for the ones who stormed the Capitol from me. I’m still traumatized by the past four years, and I am only now getting refreshing sleep, and not waking up to an Orange Monster and his minions (who took babies away from their parents). Facts are pink people, the original boat people, have always been a threat to humanity. When they weren’t killing each other in Europe they turned their attention to brown and black people who had what the invaders most wanted; land and natural resources.

There was a video of pink supporters of the Orange Monster online losing their minds and bawling when nothing happened, as they were assured would on January 20, during the Biden/Harris inauguration. I watched and re-watched their idiocy, laughing the whole time. Vile and disgusting as their insurgent actions were, in which people died, most of them did not wear a mask – as proof of their dedication for their dear leader. Now those people who haven’t been scooped up by law enforcement went home to spread the virus to innocent people.

Speaking of Covid-19, I got my first vaccine shot and will get the second one later this month. It didn’t take long and it felt less than a Minnesota mosquito bite. I feel good about it even though I have not had flu shots for the past ten years because I’m leery of what is in the vaccine (I did this year). I simply don’t want to drown and die with fluid in my lungs. Besides, I gotta see all this through now. Things are getting really intense and I still have people to piss off with my very presence, after they tried to do me in. Priorities, ennit?

Sitting here in isolation becomes tiring and I feel sad sometimes, but then I realize I’m in the best place I can be. I acknowledge my blessings every day and thank the Creator. Know that I’ve been through a lot of really tough personal and physical situations and episodes. I have enough metal in me to be named The Bionic Woman (I wish). My Gramma, who was the most important person in my life and why I moved up here, is gone in her physical form but I feel her love every day. Dunno where I’d be now had I stayed The Big City.

I am fortunate, despite my troubles, due to people I’ve met and become friends with, and family too. A big shout-out to the Rezberry Business Committee for looking out for band members. My cupboards are stocked and I got some cooking and eating to do. So I will be fat, full and happy!

My fur babies have supplies too, they come first in this house so I bought in bulk when I could. Sigh! I don’t know how I would have lasted this long without them. They supply love and entertainment on the daily and vie to sit on my lap. Purrince is very demanding as is usual, Mitzi and Bugg bark at snowflakes, Tom Petty is a big instigator,­­ and Lenny Katvitz still looks at me all sceptical. Life such as it is, is good.

I still want to go outside but now is not the time. Brrr!!! I send my best wishes for you and yours. Together (but not all at the same time) we get through this. We have to.