It aint easy being indian:

There is a whole lot going on these days, not so much with me (miraculously for a change I'm all good) but the rest of this planet and its denizens who appear to be riding the nuclear crazy train off the tracks right to hell.
Millions of severely stressed, traumatized people are trying to cope with natural and man-made disasters, global warming effects and yet another war in a Middle Eastern country. Add to this mix more Muslim nations that wanna kick the old regimes out of power, worldwide radiation; shake-do not stir and whaddaya got? A big ole hot, lumpy, stinking pool of sick that is right out of Biblical text describing The End of Days, The Apocalypse, Doomsday, etcetera…
I am far and away from most of the hot spots, literally, cuz it's still sickeningly cold in here in Rezberry. So I and my near loved ones and friends are okay thus far. But my heart is overseas with the Japanese people who are suffering unimaginable tragedy; the Muslim nations that are rebelling so their children will live a better life in a democracy, sans crazy brutal dictator regimes (I sympathize; I lived during GW Brutus Bush II years). BTW-Indians and Americans need to heed the fanatical Republican candidates signing up for the 2012 presidential election. This crazy crew of hate-mongers, hypocrites and disinformation specialist's are already delightfully amusing! Run Michelle Run!!!

Anyhoo…I am an avid news reader, I just have to KNOW. During my quest for the latest updates of horribly sad information I came across an article on titled "Are whites racially oppressed?" Of course I had to click it. What? REALLY? You may imagine my initial consternation that this piece was even published, considering the entire world's population is currently being threatened with mass destruction. And my absolute amazement that whites are experiencing "racial anxiety", so much so my eyebrows completely disappeared into my hairline and I had to draw some on my "five-head".
Ho-Lay! What? To loosely paraphrase the article – it is apparent that whites are really bugging out and feel they are in imminent peril of becoming the new minority. Bwah-hah-hah-hah! Hai! Colleges are offering courses in "whiteness studies" and scholarships to white guys who need to brush up on the white-identity thing. And the voice of subcutaneous visceral verbal fat, Rush Limbaugh is quoted in the article as saying on his radio show (I paraphrase), "Republicans are an oppressed minority in need of a civil rights movement because they willingly sit in the back of the bus and are afraid of the fire hoses and dogs". I know!
Just when I was hoping nothing would get any worse! Now I have to cry for the loss of white people's power in addition to all the other major catastrophes happening concurrently. OMG. I hate to ask "what next?" Darn those selfish Japanese for taking up most of the front page news space with earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear meltdowns, and tens of thousands of people missing and unaccounted for when there is a clear crisis right here in America's gated communities. Focus people! White privilege is the most important issue presently at stake and the rest of us non-whites will just have to pull together to reassure the dominant cultural majority it is still relevant in today's world. Say…if we all do get together won't we collectively be the de facto dominant race in shades of ivory, cream, caramel, brown and black? Oh! Oh! I get it now. White's should be afraid. Ve-ry afraid…. ; D
There you go Earlton my Pima Pal (he claims to be the tallest Pima on his rezberry); there's my latest rant and rave even though I didn't initially intend to go there. Oh well. Here I was gonna write something lyrical about the advent of Spring to our green-starved region, but that has not happened yet. And then I was gonna perhaps offer a few hints of how to camp comfortably at powwows this coming season. Get a room. Okay fine, one hint, and don't say I didn't tell you.
In other news the window on the driver's side of my car finally went up. Until recently I've been flapping duct tape and plastic all over the Rez. A lot of Indians had advice and offered to help me get the window back up but it's an electrical issue. It was stuck before, then the window just went up when it decided to and that's what happened this time. So thank you Timmy, and the rest of you who know what it's like. I also had a flat tire and was rolling around with a donut until payday when I could buy one. Life is good.
It's like my Unk Gene always used to say…"It ain't easy being Indian but at least we aren't pigmentally-challenged".